The Dancing Clock:  Reflections on Family, Love, and Loss

Shanti Arts Publishing, 2019

A collection of autobiographical prose vignettes illuminating some of life's ordinary (and extraordinary) moments.

"Once upon a time the clock did not dance.  Time behaved in orderly fashion -- measured, polite days followed one another in a predictable cycle of possibility.  When did time begin its manic waltz?  When I became aware of mortality?  I finally understand:  there's an endpoint and I am approaching it.  It's useless to flee, so I take time by the hand.  Together we make marks on the dazzling white page."

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A Way Out of Nowhere

Big Table Publishing, 2018

A Way Out of Nowhere is a collection of stories told with intelligence and compassion.  Nancy Gerber writes lucidly and unsentimentally about women’s lives:  the body, pregnancy and babies, love and betrayal.  She’s interested in the way we can isolate ourselves but remain hungry for connection.  Her characters are failed by boyfriends, parents, husbands, but they persevere, survive, and even prevail.”

--Marjorie Tesser, Editor, Mom Egg Review

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Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Short Story category of the 2019 International Book Awards

Finalist in Short Fiction, American Fiction Awards


We Are All Refugees

New Feral Press, 2017

A saddle-stitched illustrated chapbook of poems and family photographs from Europe before the Holocaust to life in America.  

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Fire & Ice-cover-100 dpi-2.jpeg

Fire and Ice:  Poetry and Prose

Arseya Publishing, 2014

 “What moves me about Nancy Gerber’s work is how she captures the bearings of the heart.   The poetry and prose weave a multi-textured fabric of a life lived with acute perception.  Her book enriches us with a sense of knowing and belonging to that omnipresent, never-escaping environment called humanity.”

 -- Julie Maloney, Director, Women Reading Aloud


Notable Book, Shelf Unbound Indie Books Competition

Gradiva Award Nominee in Poetry

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Losing A Life:  A Daughter’s Memoir of Caregiving

Hamilton Books/Rowman & Littlefield, 2003

 “Nancy Gerber presents a first-person account of providing care for a man who had been her father but became an angry double.  Crafted by someone who can turn mere words into powerful swords conveying deep meanings, this book merits consideration in a wide array of disciplines:  English, literature, psychology, family studies, life span development, and cross-cultural courses would be enriched by this memoir.”

 --Carol A. Gosselink, PsycCritiques:  APA Review of Books


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